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Family Owned & Operated Since 1939

Our History

Our story begins in 1939 with the founding of what is now Morris Petroleum, Inc. by J.M. Morris Sr. You can see an old, black and white photo of J.M selling Gulf Oil on this page. His son, Mack, took over from there. If you stop by the office, you'll see the original portrait of Mack that his wife commissioned many years ago.


For more than 79 years, and three generations of family ownership, we continue to provide quality petroleum products (gasoline, diesel and oil) to Jefferson and surrounding counties. Today, John Morris carries on the family tradition of providing a level of customer service we can be proud of.


Propane - Clean American Energy

Over the years, we've listened to our customers about all their fuel needs. Propane has become the fuel of choice for residential appliances for a lot of good reasons. It's clean, energy efficient, safe and more affordable than carbon-based fuels. More and more people are replacing their old appliances with propane, and new homes are being built with propane in mind.

At the same time, we continuously heard about the difficulties our customers were having getting service in this area. Long waits on the phone, followed by long waits for repairs, deliveries - even emergencies! Then there were the unnecessary surcharges for travel and hazardous materials.

With our years of experience and expertise in the fuel industry, we realized that we could expand our offerings to include propane and bring a proper level of quality service to the region.

We decided to build a new facility from the ground up (you can see our bulk plant on US 19 across from the Pure station just north of Monticello). We officially opened our doors as Morris Propane, LLC in February 2017!

Our new company is operated using the same principles that have guided us for more than seven decades - honesty, integrity and dependability. Our name is on everything we do.

J.M. Morris Sr. selling Gulf Oil in the 1940's

J.M. Morris Sr. selling Gulf Oil in the 1940's

Mack Morris

Mack Morris

Eight people in front of a Morris Propane truck

Our Crew

Our commitment to our customers is always to provide quality products at a competitive price, along with excellent customer service.

EMERGENCY  NUMBERS: Southern Quality Office (855) 430-1099 or Henry Colvin (850) 879-9881

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